Fremantle Arts Centre Ticketed Concert Terms and Conditions

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges or Cancellations

i. A change in the personal circumstances of the purchaser does not entitle the purchaser to return or exchange the ticket.
ii. If an event is cancelled due to adverse weather or for any other cause reasonably outside the promoter’s control there is no right to a refund or exchange and the promoter is not obliged to arrange a substitute service, event or performance. The cancellation policy in these circumstances is at the discretion of the promoter.
iii. The promoter reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, vary advertised performance times, seating arrangements and audience capacity, and refuse admission with reasonable cause.
iv. No warranty is given nor representation made regarding the view of the stage or stages.
v. The ticket is sold subject to these terms and conditions as well as any additional conditions displayed at the entry to the event.

Food and Drink

i. Fremantle Arts Centre is a licensed venue so no BYO alcohol.
ii. Respectfully priced food and beverages and both bottled and free water will be available at the event.
iii. Liquor licensing does not allow unsealed bottles in to the venue. If you are bringing soft drink please ensure it is unopened. If you’re bringing your water bottle, bring it empty for re filling at the free drinking water station.

Entry, Behaviour and Age

i. Gates open at 5.30 or 6pm, check ticket for details. All concerts finish by 10pm.

ii. Permitted items vary from event to event depending on style and layout. Please check fac.org.au for event specific terms and conditions to avoid confusion.

iii. No eskis, picnic baskets, chairs, bean bags, large blankets, helmets, selfie sticks, GoPro, SLR (detachable lens) or professional cameras, iPads, professional recording equipment, any large items or dangerous items are permitted into the venue.

iv. You can bring a fold out cushion (one that folds out to create a cushion with a reclining backrest that sits on the ground), a small blanket, a small soft bag for personal belongings or food, sealed water or soft drink and empty water bottles to fill inside the venue.

v. Any item deemed to be dangerous, hazardous, intimidating or offensive to patrons will not be allowed into the event. This will include but is not limited to items such as glass, steel cap boots, umbrellas.

vi. The seller reserves the right to conduct body and bag searches of all ticket holders.

vii. All Fremantle Arts Centre ticketed concerts are 18+ unless otherwise advertised. This is to reflect that the concert area is licensed, that alcohol will be served and that unaccompanied minors or those with insufficient photo ID will be unable to enter the venue.

viii. Minors are permitted to attend licensed 18+ ticketed concerts if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. MAXIMUM OF TWO minors per guardian. All minors must hold a valid ticket and guardians may be required to sign a declaration which states that they will provide constant supervision of the minor(s). Fremantle Arts Centre does not recommend South Lawn Concerts as suitable for juveniles. Infants do not receive free entry, Fremantle Arts Centre strongly recommends these events as unsuitable for children 6 years and under.

ix. Where an event is licensed, or has licensed areas, official Australian 18+ photo identification will be required for entry (driver’s license, passport). Any patron refused admission due to inappropriate identification has no right to any refund or exchange.

x. Patrons under the age of 18 attempting to enter any licensed areas by way of force, stealth or false identification will be ejected from the event immediately with no right to any refund or exchange.

xi. Any patron engaging in behaviour deemed to be dangerous, hazardous, intimidating or offensive to other patrons will be ejected from the event immediately with no right to refund or exchange. This will include but is not limited to running, throwing objects, aggression and crowd surfing.
xii. Whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure the event area is a safe environment, you enter the site at your own risk and undertake to notify venue staff of any hazards or dangerous situations that you notice while on site.
xiii. Fremantle Arts Centre is a smoke free venue. Smoking is only permitted in a small designated area.

xiv. Fremantle Arts Center accepts Companion Cards. The person carrying the card receives free entry
to the event.

Further Information

i. EFTPOS available at two points, no cash out.

ii. Entry gate has no EFTPOS facilities.

iii. FAC is an outdoor venue and can get cooler in the evenings. Please bring something to keep you warm and dry in case of inclement weather - we playrain or shine, but please don’t bring an umbrella it won’t be allowed in. You can check the weather forecast here

iv. PASSOUTS ARE NOT PERMITTED due to the sensitive residential location of the venue. We appreciate your support in this matter and ask that you respect our neighbours when leaving the venue.

For further venue information please visit the FAC website.